ADRIAMET, an instrument for sailing in the adriatic sea is a site of meteorological informations containing previsional output and real-time monitoring. The project ADRIAMET was proposed for the European Program Interreg IIIA, Adriatic Cross Border, by ARPA Veneto, with a partnership of 7 meteorological centres, research institutes and Civil Defence of regions and nations on the Adriatic coasts. The informations in this site are the outputs of the local meteorological model LAMI and the data from the ground gauges networks of the participants to the project. The site is under development, and new experimental products will be presented.

In this site are now available:

meteorological forecast maps

Parameter Time step Time span
WIND 3 o 6 hours3 days
PRECIPITATION 6 hours3 days
SEA CONDITIONS 6 hours 2 days
CLOUD COVER 6 hours3 days


Radar of Teolo (Padova) - range of 125 km and 250 km

Radar of Concordia Sagittaria - range of 125 km and 250 km

Radar of Fossalon di Grado - range of 125 km


Every 6 hours, visible, infrared and water vapour channels, (under EUMETSAT copyright)